Company Profile
      The enterprise is engaged in domestic and international container transportation integrated logistics services of specialized companies. Founded in 1995, currently employs more than 500 people, with a total investment of more than RMB 400 million yuan, is headquartered in Dalian in Northeast Asia Shipping Center ---
       Win in enterprise transport companies adhere to the concept of scientific development, that provide 24/7 customer, comprehensive, accessible service for the purpose, relying on the natural advantages of the port of Dalian, in Dayao Bay Port Bonded Logistics incentives as a platform to continue to grow, becoming with strong international competitiveness of modern logistics enterprises.
       Win in both agency and corporate partners in the world's major ports, can provide our clients with global integrated logistics services. Services related to the global airline booking business, container yard management services, including booking a charter, customs inspection,      Container handling, storage, testing, maintenance, refrigerated containers PTI, cargo warehousing Stubbs, air freight, domestic trade, insurance consulting and other logistics industry system.
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Zhongyun Corporation